We ship our miniature schnauzer puppies out of DFW Airport in Dallas, Texas. This is the closest major airport to us. We use American Airlines to ship our miniature schnauzer puppies (weather permitting). We generally can get a nonstop flight to most places using American Airlines. We have been very pleased with their services and the handling of our miniature schnauzer puppies. They do a great job in taking care of our miniature schnauzer puppies and insuring they reach their new owners safely. Shipping cost using American Airlines is $450. If we are unable to use American Airlines and we have to use a different airline the shipping cost is an additional $75.00, due to the fact that the rates of most of the other airlines are considerably higher.

If you need your new miniature schnauzer puppy shipped via airline we will need some information from you for us to be able to book your puppy’s flight. We need to know: 1) the name of the nearest major airport to you. 2) the name, address, and phone number of the person who will be picking the puppy up at the airport. The payment information and the person picking up the puppy must match for us to be able to ship your new puppy to you. You will be required to show your valid drivers license to the airline attendant before your puppy will be released to you. Once we have the needed information from you we will check on available flights and get you new miniature schnauzer puppy’s flight booked. We are able to book the flight 3 days prior to shipping. Once we have the flight booked we will email you the flight information along with the AirWay Bill Confirmation number, which you will need to pick your new puppy up at the airport. We will also let you know where you need to pick the puppy up at the airport. The puppy should be available for pickup within 30 minutes to and hour of landing. Just a reminder again make sure you have your valid drivers license and the AirWay Bill number with you when you go to pick your puppy up at the airport.

We try to make your new miniature schnauzer puppy as comfortable as possible during its flight to you. We will send your miniature schnauzer puppy in an FAA approved travel kennel with a snuggly pet bed and toy. We will attach a food and water dish to the inside of the travel kennel. We place ice cubes in the water dish before departure in case your miniature schnauzer puppy becomes thirsty during the flight. Your new miniature schnauzer puppy’s paperwork will be attached to the top of the crate inside a manila envelope. You will receive the puppy’s health record, written health guarantee, AKC registration paper, NuVet Plus brochure, and vet issued Certificate of Health. The vet issued Certificate of Health will be inside the airline envelope as it has to be shown to the airline attendant when checking in your miniature schnauzer puppy for its flight. We will also include a small sample of the puppy food you miniature schnauzer puppy is eating. Our miniature schnauzer puppies we have shipped have done very well in their trip to their new family members.

If you are not within driving distance and need your miniature schnauzer puppy shipped to you let us know. We would be happy to make the arrangements to have your miniature schnauzer puppy shipped to you. We will not ship your miniature schnauzer puppy until we feel it is ready to leave our care. The puppy must be at least 8 weeks of age and weaned from its mother as well as eating food on its own. Shipping cost via American Airline is an additional $450. This fee includes travel cost to DFW Airport, FAA approved travel kennel, airline ticket, required Veterinarian Examination and Certificate of Health. For a second puppy in the same kennel we charge an additional $75 to cover the cost of the required Veterinarian Examination and Certificate of Health as well as the additional weight of  the second puppy American Airlines charges.

We do offer to meet people at DFW Area for an additional $75.00 when we are taking other puppies to the airport to be shipped. If you need us to meet you somewhere other than the DFW Area that is within a reasonable driving distance we are willing to do so. However, we do charge a transportation fee to meet you. The amount of the fee depends upon the distance we have to drive.

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