About Us

We have been breeding miniature schnauzers for seventeen years. I have owned miniature schnauzers for thirty-five years and have truly fallen in love with the breed. Miniature Schnauzers make wonderful companions and are highly intelligent and extremely obedient.

Our goal as a responsible miniature schnauzer breeder is to produce quality, healthy puppies that are as close to the breed standard as possible. We have taken special care in selecting our miniature schnauzers. We carefully plan our breeding’s in hopes of producing beautiful, healthy, quality puppies. We work hard to ensure that our puppies temperament, health, conformation, coat, and size are exquisite!

We have all three of the traditional miniature schnauzer colors, which include salt and pepper, black and silver, and black. We also produce black & silver miniature schnauzers often referred to as a phantom, which is a black coat with white eyebrows, beard and leg furnishings. In addition, we produce miniature schnauzer puppies in the following colors: white, liver, liver & tan, liver pepper, wheaten, salt & pepper parti, black parti, liver parti, and liver pepper parti. As far as size, we specialize in miniature schnauzers that generally range between 12″ to 14″ in height as adults. However, we occasionally have miniature schnauzers some people refer to as “toy” schnauzers.

We love our miniature schnauzers and take great pride in them. We are very dedicated to them and enjoy taking care of them. We give our miniature schnauzers the very best care possible. We spend a great deal of time with our miniature schnauzers. We have ample room for our miniatures schnauzers to run and play on our 15 acres.

We would love to visit with you about our miniature schnauzer puppies we have available. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would like more information about our miniature schnauzer puppies please feel free to contact us either by phone or email.

Thank you and God Bless!!

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